Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last year in my 20's

It's my last year in my 20's! Boy that went fast!! I have been thinking and I really want to do something memorable with this year of my life. I thought I might just try to sort of check off things/thoughts or just blog about things that mean something to means since I have neglected this blog oh so badly...I thought I would document this experience through my sweet life.

1. I sold my breast milk!! Sounds weird i know! My first experience with helping a babies through pumping milk for the mothers to fed them. I first sold to a mother in Ohio, a small amount to try...15 oz, I charged 1.50 a 0z and listed my ad through onlythebreast.com. It was crazy the shipping...next day...dry ice...very expensive! I felt bad for the mother paying so much. I have not heard back from her, probably to expensive!
Next, a inquiry from a man....I thought okay, maybe it's a gay couple?? Umm no! He wanted a wet nurse. Ewww sorry buddy! Not interested. Then a mom contacted me about her son who was very sick....I read his story and wanted to do everything I could to help him! Baby Eli, I met the mom today and handed her everything I had stored and promised to pump as much as I could, without depriving my sweet Claire bear. Wow! It's amazing, I feel so good that my milk can help this little guy feel better. I am so glad I decided to look into donating/selling breast milk. It could save his life and for that I am grateful!

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